1. Proposed Development

The aim of the initiative is to regenerate the heart of South Oxhey together with three previously unused sites
within the community.

It will deliver:

  • 514 new homes for affordable rent and sale
  • A larger food store and a mix of new shops
  • Attractive high-quality public open spaces, like a new public square outside Carpenders Park train station and re-imagined park off Henbury Way.

In total 514 new homes will be provided, of which 397 will be private for sale.

Of the new homes being provided 117 will be affordable, with 96 being let at social rent and 21 being available for shared ownership.

The new shops in South Oxhey will likely include a chemist, dentist and post office, to name a few. In total, around 55,000sqft of new retail and office space will be provided, of which approximately 18,800sqft will be delivered in 2022 for Lidl food store.
There will be a range of retail unit types and sizes available. The shop floor area sizes will start from around 630sqft, with the average retail unit size circa 900sqft.

It is envisaged that the market will operate from the current St Andrews Road location until Countryside and Home Group complete a new home for the market in 2020. The proposed new market area is planned for the corner or Fairfield Road and Prestwick Road, next to the new shops, opposite the revamped train station square and current Esso service station.

The area will benefit from new improved open spaces designed for flexible uses. These will include:

  • The enhancement of the existing open space off Henbury Way to incorporate a play area, tree planting and seating.
  • Improved design for public space at Station Approach to incorporate fresh landscaping, seating, and a cycle store.
  • Provision of the new South Oxhey market location on Prestwick Road designed to be flexible to facilitate the market, occasional events and providing a focal point for the community.
  • New linear garden between Bridlington Road and Henbury Way.

As a guide, we expect the following activities to take place, or have taken place accordingly:

  • Planning Consent – May 2016
  • Development works commenced on Phase 1 (sites at Hallowes Crescent, Maylands Road, Hayling Road/Holmside Rise and ex-car park on corner of Bridlington Road and Oxhey Drive) – Autumn 2016
  • Development works commenced on Station Approach – Spring 2017
  • First 8 homes completed at Hayling Road satellite site – Summer 2017
  • First 48 Social Rented homes completed at Maylands Road and Hallowes Crescent – early 2018
  • Completion of first retail units at Station Approach – March 2018
  • First homes completed on Oxhey Drive and Bridlington Road – Spring 2018
  • Construction duration at Phase 2 (generally the area north of St. Andrew’s Road) – Early 2018 – late 2020
  • Construction duration for Phase 3 (generally the area south of St. Andrew’s Road) – Early 2020 – late 2022
  • All construction complete – 2022

A variety of solutions have been created to ensure that parking provision is as appropriate and convenient as possible:

  • Parking will be a mixture of under-croft and open court yard throughout the development, incorporating wider designs for disabled use.
  • Parking for the houses is typically provided within curtilage, in front of the property.
  • The houses and flats above the food store in phase 3 will have a landscaped deck at first floor, which will be accessed from a vehicle ramp from the road to the north of the block.
  • There is designated parking for the food store which can be accessed from Oxhey Drive for store users only.
  • There is ample visitor parking conveniently provided within the public area. Visitor parking spaces are provided primarily on Bridlington Road, within the landscaped spaces next to Prestwick Road and the car park next to Carpenders Park Station (operated by Three Rivers District Council).

Yes, a drop-off facility, will be provided at the new station square, as well as the car park off Station Approach (operated by Three Rivers District Council).

2. Works and Effect on Station Access, Roads and Car Parking

Work is now underway on first homes and first commercial units at Station Approach.
Eight houses for sale will be ready for occupation by September 2017, and the first 48 affordable homes will be ready for occupation by March 2018.
New homes are being constructed on the core site will complete in April 2018, including 21 shared ownership and 63 homes for outright sale.
Home Group and Countryside Properties have been publishing a newsletter since August 2016, which is circulated to around 7,000 properties within and around the main and satellite sites boundaries. If you would like to obtain copies of our previous editions, please go to: http://www.lovesouthoxheycentral.co.uk/
For day-to-day construction related queries, please contact Kymberly Ashman, Community Resident Liaison,
on 07585 135029 or email Kymberly.Ashman@cpplc.com.

It is the aim of the Council, Countryside and Home Group to keep essential shopping facilities open throughout the redevelopment period as work will take place on a phased basis.
We apologise for any inconvenience while we build, and we work with the Council and existing retailers to keep essential services open for the community. We aim to limit the impact of construction on the people of South Oxhey.

Yes, access to the station will be retained at all times during construction via the ramp to the right hand side of Station Approach. Direction signs will be in place when the stair access is temporarily closed off.

Yes, the drop-off facility will be retained outside the station during the construction. Temporary car parking spaces will be provided off Henbury Way and off Fairfield Avenue.

There may be some traffic lights installed while services are installed. Buses will temporarily not stop at Station Approach and will stop at a bus stop on Prestwick Road. Signage will be provided to signpost any changes to local roadways. Any disruption will be minimised while we build in South Oxhey.

Buses will temporarily not stop at Station Approach and will stop at a bus stop on Prestwick Road.

Yes, there will be a taxi area maintained during construction at Station Approach.

Yes, there are 75 temporary car parking spaces provided in Henbury Way and 24 temporary car parking spaces on Fairfield Avenue and permanent replacement parking will be available as each phase of development is completed.

Construction hours (for work that creates noise at the site boundary) are from 08:00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, and from 08:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays. No works are carried out on Sundays or Bank Holidays.
Quiet operations like painting and decorating inside are allowed outside of these times, however it is not our intention to work extended hours if they can be avoided.

3. Existing Residential Tenants and Leaseholders

To allow the regeneration to take place it will be necessary for the Council to acquire existing homes and residents to move to alternative homes. This will allow blocks to be demolished and the new buildings to be constructed. The Council will start the buyback process of homes owned by leaseholders ahead of the demolition of each block. There are specific guidance notes for leaseholders affected and these are available on the Council’s website under the Information and FAQ’s heading.
You will be contacted in plenty of time to follow the procedures for acquisition but in the meantime if you have
any queries not covered by the FAQ’s or guidance notes please contact Graeme Lawes at Deloitte Real Estate
on 02070070983 or Catherine Cummings at TRDC on 01923776611.

To allow the regeneration to take place it will be necessary for the Council to acquire existing homes and tenants to move to alternative homes. This will allow blocks to be demolished and the new buildings to be constructed. Prior to demolition the Council will acquire the social rented property in the affected area, now owned by Home Group, and the tenants will be offered a move to suitable alternative accommodation for their household need in line with the South Oxhey Decant Policy.

  • Phase 1 – New homes on the Satellite Sites
    Home Group and Countryside Properties will first build new affordable accommodation on the “satellite sites” on Hallowes Crescent and Maylands Road. Tenants living in blocks to the north of St Andrew’s Road will be the first to move and will be offered new homes where possible to accommodate their housing need in either of these sites. The earliest that tenants living to the north of St Andrew’s Road will be required to move to alternative accommodation is currently anticipated for early 2018.
  • Phase 2 – New homes on the core site
    New affordable accommodation for existing Thrive/ Home Group tenants will also be built on the “Core Site”. Tenants living in blocks to the south of St Andrew’s Road will be offered these new homes off Bridlington Road. The allocations process will take place towards the end of 2017, and the earliest date they will be required to move to alternative accommodation is currently anticipated early 2020.

The decant charter, issued to all Thrive Home tenants in October 2016 sets out how Home Group and Three Rivers District Council will manage the allocations process to ensure that statutory requirements are met and that all tenants are provided with appropriate options for re-housing based on housing need and that tenants are kept informed about the process.
All tenants due to be rehoused as part of the new development must provide information on household details in order to confirm what their housing need and requirements are. Tenants to be permanently moved into the new accommodation will be entitled to two reasonable offers of accommodation as part of the allocations process with the aim of receiving one of their choices where possible. The only exception to this will be if it is impractical to make two offers, for example, if there is only one property of the necessary type and size on the phase they are being decanted to.
The priority and allocation of homes will be conducted in a fair and consistent manner. Where two or more tenants wish to move to the same new property within a phase, an offer will be made to the household with the longest unbroken tenancy with the previous landlord, Thrive Homes.
Please go to http://www.lovesouthoxheycentral.co.uk/ for more information about the decant charter and
allocations process.

Yes. All tenants moving into new home accommodation as part of the redevelopment will be contacted by Home Group who will provide help with the practicalities of moving, such as organising the removals company and disconnection and reconnection of white goods (e.g. cooker, washing machine and dishwasher). Additional assistance may be provided by Home Group to vulnerable, less able or elderly tenants which include help and support with packing along with help in re-establishing care packages or the installation of life line alarms at the new address.

Yes. Once the allocation process is complete, tenants will be invited to take part in the resident choice process, with an opportunity to personalise their new home by selecting from a range of kitchen units, flooring and tiling colours. Please note that conditions apply.

4. Existing Commercial Tenants

Three Rivers Council have been working with the existing retail community for some time through a series of forums and individual meetings. The Council have informed all retail tenants of the date by which their specific unit is required to be vacated and furthermore will keep tenants informed of any changes to the proposed dates should that be the case. In the meantime if retailer have any queries about the timescales they can contact Graeme Lawes at Deloitte Real Estate on 02070070983 or David Saunders at TRDC on 01923 776611.

Phase 1 – Station Approach

  • Demolition of the existing retail and construction of the new retail units and office/workspace units at Station Approach – spring 2017.
  • Marketing of Station Approach with the distribution of a commercial marketing brochure – summer 2017.
  • Phase 1 retail and office spaces handed over ready for tenant fit out on a phased basis – spring 2018 and autumn 2018.

Phase 2 – Market square area (currently north of St. Andrews Road)

  • Retail unit marketing – 2019.
  • Phase 2 retail units will be handed over ready for tenant fit out in early 2020.

Phase 3

  • Retail unit marketing will commence in 2020 & 2021.
  • Phase 3 retail units will be handed over ready for tenant fit out in mid-2022.
  • Lidl Supermarket currently programmed to open in summer 2022.

Overall around 55,000sqft of retail commercial space will be provided with a range of unit type and sizes. The sizes will start from around 630sqft, with the average retail unit size of circa 900sqft.

The retail units will be completed to shell finish with installed shop fronts and capped services (gas, water, electricity & BT Ducts). The Incoming Tenant will be responsible for the completion of their fit out. Office / Workspace units of around circa 2,200sqft will be available.

Phase 1 – Station Square

Station Square is a collection of 19no. new retail units and 2no. floors of office/workspace encircling a new landscaped gateway to Carpenders Park Railway Station.

Phase 2 – Market Square

  • A range of retail units providing a total of around 7,800sqft.

Phase 3

  • A range of retail units providing a total of around 6,500sqft.
  • Phase 3 is subject to detailed design, unit sizes will be confirmed at a later date.
  • Phase 3 includes an 18,800sqft anchor food superstore

The overall amount of new modern commercial space will be lower than the existing space, therefore it will not be possible to accommodate all existing commercial tenants. All existing retailers have been invited to apply for relocation in the new retail units and those that have expressed an interest will be kept informed of developments in respect of their application. Where applicable, commercial tenants will be offered appropriate compensation, in accordance with statutory provisions. The final mix of retailers will be appropriate for a district centre and is likely to include essential services such as a chemist, dentist and post office as well as food stores.

Three Rivers District Council have assembled a Schedule of Existing Tenants / Parties Interested in the new commercial units. The schedule has been passed to the Developer. The marketing of Station Square (Phase 1) to Existing Tenants / Parties commenced in June 2017 with the distribution of a marketing brochure and one-to-one meetings. Interested parties should contact Mark Liell LLP on email to office@markliell.com or 01279648420.

5. New Homes – Private for Sale

The development will provide 514 new homes, 397 of which will be private for sale.
The homes on offer will be a mix of 1- and 2- bed apartments and 2-, 3- and 4- bed houses.

The prices for the new homes will be available at the launch of main site in January 2018.
Please visit to www.southoxheycentral.co.uk for more information.

A sales office and show flats will be available in late 2017.
Please visit www.southoxheycentral.co.uk for updates, registration forms and to find out more.

6. New Homes – Shared Ownership Homes

Anyone with a household income less than £90,000 in London (£80,000 for the rest of the UK) who does not own a home in the UK or abroad. Properties are allocated using a locally agreed point scoring system for priority need. For instance, owner-occupiers living in the blocks to be demolished will have first priority, then local residents living in housing association property. Beyond this any eligible applicant living in Three Rivers district will be prioritised over applicants from further afield.

Register through your home buy agent on the help-to-buy website, share-to-buy website and directly to the housing association or estate agent.

All shared ownership homes are RICS valued and are sold at the local market rate. The share you purchase will be dependent on your affordability, shares can range from 25% to 40% for new build. As an example a 2-bed flat worth £325,500 with a minimum share purchase of 35% will have a total monthly cost of £1,131 (based on a 10% deposit, the rent being 2.75% of the remaining share and assuming the mortgage is based on a 5% interest rate over 5 years (subject to change and indicative only).

Normally you would need 5% deposit of the share you wish to purchase with £5,000 set aside for mortgage and legal costs. Depending on the property and its share value, the lender’s deposit requirements and your income this can vary from scheme to scheme. Based on the above example £11,393 deposit would have been required based on a household income of £41,000.

7. Apprenticeships and Local Labour

All work vacancies will be advertised through Job Centre Plus, Munnelly Support Services and Madigan Gill.

If you are interested in working on the South Oxhey development and would like to start a career in the construction industry, Countryside offer opportunities for apprenticeships in bricklaying, plumbing, carpentry, painting and decorating. Our apprenticeship scheme need people who are committed to working hard and who are eager to learn.

Apprentice opportunities will be advertised via Joe Brennan Training, Ascend, notice boards, community newsletter and the Oxhey OWL page. Contact Joe Brennan on 07976315763, or Kymberly Ashman, our Community Resident Liaison, on 07585 135029 or email Kymberly.Ashman@cpplc.com. For further information, please visit www.bconstructive.co.uk.

8. Events and Community Board

Countryside’s and Home Group’s Community Development teams will support community engagement activities.

Some activities will include:

  • Artwork competition for site hoarding – Inviting young people to create artwork about the development, which will be replicated on hoardings
  • Site safety school assemblies – Countryside will be attending a school assembly with their mascot ‘Bill Ding’ to discuss the importance of site safety
  • Supporting community events – Working closely with Watford Rural Parish Council and Three Rivers District Council to support community fundays and events
  • Newsletter and community website – Providing newsletters and updating the community website

The South Oxhey Community Board is the principal forum of communication between Countryside, Home Group, local Councillors and the South Oxhey community. The role of the Community Board is:

  • To discuss the management of the South Oxhey Initiative
  • To represent the views of the residents to Countryside, Home Group, the Council and other stakeholders
  • To promote the interest of the South Oxhey community and ensure the interests of all residents and tenants are considered in terms of development, management and services delivery
  • To ensure that there is community involvement and community benefit beyond simple bricks and mortar, throughout and after the regeneration programme
  • To increase the influence and effectiveness of residents in the South Oxhey regeneration area

The Members meet every other month in the Watford Rural Parish Hall and meeting dates can be found at: http://www.lovesouthoxheycentral.co.uk/

The Board consist of a maximum of 12 members:

  • 4 resident members who must be current tenants or residential leaseholders and living within the defined areas
  • 1 commercial tenant within the development area and have a leasehold interest in the affected property
  • 2 senior members from Home Group and Countryside
  • 3 Councillors from Three Rivers District Council, one from each political party
  • 1 Councillor from Watford Rural Parish
  • 1 Councillor from Hertfordshire County Council covering the South Oxhey Division

Anyone meeting the above criteria qualifies to apply to become a Community Board member.
Please visit http://www.lovesouthoxheycentral.co.uk/ for more information and to view the qualifying boundaries.

Vacancies are advertised via newsletter, notice boards, in local shops and on a community website when vacancies become available.
Please visit http://www.lovesouthoxheycentral.co.uk/ for more information and to upload a self-nomination form.

9. Contact Details and Further Information

Please contact Kymberly Ashman, Community Resident Liaison, on 07585 135029 or email Kymberly.Ashman@cpplc.com for day-to-day building related queries you may have.
If your question is urgent please contact the site team. The telephone numbers are available on the respective site notice boards on the hoarding.

Contact Home Group on 08000730600 to speak to a member of our sales team or visit www.helptobuy.gov.uk or www.sharetobuy.com.

All of the social rented homes are earmarked for those having to move due to the redevelopment.
If you wish to access the Council’s Housing Register and be assessed for eligibility for affordable housing in the district as a whole you should contact the Council’s Housing Options Team on 01923776611.

Interested parties should contact Mark Liell LLP on email to office@markliell.com.
Existing retailers can contact the Council’s advisors Deloitte Real Estate on 02070070083 to discuss their particular circumstances. Alternatively they can contact Three Rivers District Council on 01923776611.