The South Oxhey Initiative Community Board (SOICB) has been established to promote the interests of residents of South Oxhey throughout the development.


The Board is made up of elected councillors, the regeneration partners (Countryside and Home Group) and a number of tenants, leaseholders and retailers. Being member of the Community Board you will be able to:

  • Promote the interests of the South Oxhey community and help make a difference to where you live
  • Have the opportunity to raise development queries working in partnership with Home Group and Countryside project team
  • Receive free induction training and support that will assist you in your role on the Board


We are really keen for local people to be involved in the South Oxhey Community Board. At the AGM on Monday 6th December Cllr Joan King was re-elected as Chair for the Community Board.  We two vacancies for  Resident Members who live in the South Oxhey ward.

If you are interested in joining the Board, please contact Richard Glaister on Richard.Glaister@homegroup.org.uk.

The list of South Oxhey Community Board Members is presented below:

  • Cllr Joan King – Three Rivers DC – Labour Nominee (Chair)
  • Rob Holland – Commercial leasee (Vice-Chair)
  • Cllr Alison Scarth – Three Rivers DC – Liberal Democrat nominee
  • Felicity Bell – Resident Member
  • Mary Connelly – Resident member
  • Cllr Donna Duncan – Three Rivers DC – Nominee
  • Richard Glaister  – Home Group
  • Cllr Pam King – Watford Rural PC
  • Peter Leaver – Co-Optee
  • Dan King  – Countryside
  • Chris Alley – Hertfordshire CC – South Oxhey Division

The Community Board meet every two months and residents are invited to attend and observe.

The meetings take place in the Watford Rural Parish Hall, Oxhey Drive between 7.30pm-9.00pm.

Schedule of meetings in 2022:

Dates to be confirmed.

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South Oxhey Community Topping Out Ceremony

On 8th September 2021,  SO Community Board members and regular observers attended the Phase 2 topping out ceremony.   

Agenda, Developer's Report and Minutes from the previous Community Board Meeting


Countryside together with their partner Home Group and Three Rivers District Council have launched a construction apprenticeship programme at South Oxhey in partnership with Joe Brennan Training (JBT). The programme has been a great success. To date, the on-site apprenticeship programme has enabled two local residents to gain practical experience required to achieve professional  in construction.

If you are interested in working on the South Oxhey development and would like to start a career in the construction industry, further opportunities on the site are available. We are particularly looking for finishing trades such as electricians, plumbers, decorators and carpenters but also ground workers, bricklayers and scaffolders. Our apprenticeship scheme need people who are committed to working hard and who are eager to learn.

The apprenticeship scheme trains those aged 18 and above to reach the required standard to enable the trainees to perform a skilled role. Apprentices receive guidance and support throughout their scheme duration, from before their technical studies until their ultimate qualification and employment.
The scheme also ensures apprentices are given mobility from one programme to another until the on-site qualification has been completed. To date, the partnership between Countryside and JBT has funded 56 apprentices across various sites, 85% of whom have completed the programme, qualified and secured employment.

Apprentice opportunities will be advertised via Joe Brennan Training, Ascend, notice boards, community newsletter and the Oxhey OWL page.

Contact Joe Brennan on 07976315763, or Hollie Eade, our Community Resident Liaison, on 07436 030604  or email Hollie.Eade@cpplc.com.

For further information, please visit www.bconstructive.co.uk.


A range of documents and FAQ’s for all tenants, leaseholders and commercial retailers


Information for Home Group Tenants


Guidance for Thrive Home Tenants
Decant charter for Thrive Home Tenants

Information for Leaseholders


Resident leaseholder guidance
Non-resident leaseholder guidance

For all leaseholders that may have any queries regarding the Love South Oxhey Central, please contact Niall Sloane at Deloitte Real Estate on 0207 007 8174.

Guidance for Commercial Retailers

Engagement Charter for Commercial Retailers

For any queries regarding relocation as part of the Love South Oxhey Central, please contact Graeme Lawes at Deloitte Real Estate on 0207 007 0983.

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Three Rivers District Council

For information on services provided by the local authority from recycling and refuse collection, transport and parking, neighbours and street issues to council tax.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities.